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Category: Nutrition

The Balanced Macro Diet

When you first begin training, it becomes almost immediately apparent that you will need to eat well if you’re going to reach your goals. But how much protein should you […]

The Bulking Diet Delusion

by John Meadows Here’s what you need to know… Bulking up by increasing body fat will decrease insulin sensitivity and impede muscle growth. The more fat you gain, the more […]

Anabolic Resistance

How Mass Diets Can Hurt You by Bill Willis, PhD | 09/23/13 Here’s what you need to know… Anabolic resistance is the impaired ability to build muscle caused by excess […]

Intermittent Fasting

16:8 | The Lean Gains Protocol Intermittent fasting is used as an umbrella term for a series of ‘dieting’ protocols, based on the scheduling of meals, rather than cutting calories […]