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Slow Reps vs. Fast Reps

Repetition speed – how fast you lift a weight and how fast you lower a weight – has always been somewhat of a controversy among lifters. Some say that the eccentric, or lowering phase, is everything when it comes to hypertrophy and the concentric, or lifting phase, is everything when it comes to strength. And … Continue reading

East European Bodybuilding

Muscle mass secrets from the old countries by Christian Thibaudeau |@t-nation.com   Big Bad Europeans The more you’re involved in the world of strength training, the more you get to meet interesting people and learn new training methods. Last year I attended the Weider International Grand Prix of Canada, a bodybuilding contest organized by the … Continue reading

The Best Exercises. Period.

by Christian Thibaudeau | 04/01/14 @t-nation.com Here’s what you need to know… Nothing will make you yoked like the snatch-grip high pull. While using a Prowler is great for fat loss and building muscle, the farmer’s walk with a trap bar is better. The bench press is not the best exercise to build the pectoral muscles. … Continue reading

As Strong As Your Weakest Pattern!

Think about movement. We reason in terms of flexion, extension and so on… We think of how the shoulder moves… and then we think of the hip. We dissect the body with great skill yet the athletes that we work with move in unison. In recent years, some authors have popularized the concept of muscular … Continue reading

Deconstructing the Deadlift

A Deep Analysis of Proper Deadlift Mechanics Here’s what you need to know… “Rigid body” analysis – where the shape and dimensions of a body are considered to be constant and undeformable regardless of the forces applied to it – is useful in the analysis of complex human movement, like the deadlift. The Standard Pulling … Continue reading

3 Massive Training Mistakes

The sooner you are aware of these the sooner you can do something about it.    

Snap City and how to avoid it!

Jeff Cavaliere breaks down the top 5 worst exercises

Killer Calves Superset

Here’s a quick and dirty fix for small calves: Start at the standing calf-raise machine. Do eight reps using an engaging weight with a two-second pause at the bottom of each rep. Rest 10 seconds. Load a barbell with about 25% of your body weight. Hold it in a squat position and, with minimal knee bend, jump … Continue reading

Deadlift Basics

Dan Green breaks down the deadlift   source Dan Green, Animal athlete, Animalpak.com    

Strength vs Power

Know the difference. Video source @georgeleeman – https://www.youtube.com/user/geoleeman


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